2022 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards

2020 Premier Awards - Best Historical Story ( Circulation up to 1499,Circulation 1500 to 3999,Circulation 4000 to 6499,Circulation 6500 to 9999) Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: South Peace News (High Prairie, AB)
    Entry Title: Hanged - The 1904 Charles King Murder
    Entry Credit: Chris Clegg
    Judge Comment: This was the most extensively researched work in the competition, done by consulting a variety of sources, which were listed in the presentation. It is a well told and comprehensive story about an important and interesting event in Alberta's history.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Shilo Stag (CFB Shilo, MB)
    Entry Title: Canada sent all-black military battalion overseas
    Entry Credit: Jules Xavier
    Judge Comment: This is a great story about a woman's remarkable family history that she has rediscovered -- how she is descended from someone who served in the first major Black military unit in Canada's history. The story mirrors the country's own rediscovery of these stories, long ignored or buried, that are now becoming part of our understanding of the country's past.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: Respect (Cold Lake, AB)
    Entry Title: The Last Post: Traditional Bugle Call Closed One Family’s Circle
    Entry Credit: Jeff Gaye
    Judge Comment: History connects us and this article shows how. It is a great personal story of family, military and music history that spans more than a century and is capped with the playing of The Last Post. Very powerful.
  • Competition Comment: It was very hard to judge this competition because the authors of all these entries clearly care deeply about the history of their communities, taking the time to research details of the past and connect them to the present. I had more than half dozen stories that I thought deserved to be winners, but only three spots. There was not a single weak entry and I commend everyone who submitted an article. It is so important to write about the histories of our communities -- for some readers to be reminded of their past and for others to learn of it for the first time. Congratulations to everyone who writes about history in their communities.