2023 Canadian Community Newspaper Awards

Premier Awards - Best National Editorial ( Circulation up to 1499,Circulation 1500 to 3999,Circulation 4000 to 6499,Circulation 6500 to 9999) Back

  • Place Name: First Place
    Contestant Name: Manitoulin Expositor (Manitoulin Island, ON)
    Entry Title: An apology marks the start of reconciliation, not the end
    Entry Credit: Michael Erskine
    Judge Comment: An engaging and well-crafted piece of writing that takes a strong stance on a topic of importance to all Canadians. It lays out its argument clearly and coherently, while providing vital historical context along the way. Well done.
  • Place Name: Second Place
    Contestant Name: Nunatsiaq News (Nunavut/Nunavik, NU)
    Entry Title: Idlout shows NDP is at the grown-ups’ table
    Entry Credit: Corey Larocque
    Judge Comment: This is a well-written piece. Neither flowery nor over-crafted, it gets straight to the point in calling out a local federal politician on the perceived hypocrisy of her actions. While the focus is on a Nunavut MP, the questions put to her in the editorial are relevant to other Canadian ridings with an NDP MP and would likely stir equal debate were it published in any of them.
  • Place Name: Third Place
    Contestant Name: The Carillon (Steinbach, MB)
    Entry Title: Abortion frequency about more than just legality
    Entry Credit: Greg Vandermeulen
    Judge Comment: This is a well-written and well-argued editorial. In addition to being informative, it takes a firm stand on a topic that has long been a subject of heated debate. The writer backs up their opinion with data and suggests a course of action. All these are points in its favour, however, the piece would have benefited from a greater focus on the issue’s potential implications for Canadians.
  • Competition Comment: I was impressed by the wide range of important topics covered by the submissions in this category – almost all of which would certainly spur debate among the paper’s readers, whether on the letters page or over a cup of coffee. For me, the three that stood out were exceptionally well-executed. In each case, the writing was clear and concise and struck an appropriate tone for an editorial. All three writers took a strong stance on their chosen subject and did and excellent job of backing up their argument.